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7 Benefits to Decluttering - For a healthy body and clear mind

7 Benefits to Decluttering - For a healthy body and clear mind

Do you find yourself constantly pushing things around your house? Sighing to yourself, "I'll clean or donate this stuff tomorrow"? Well if you need some motivation to make that change today, this is the article for you! 

Here are 7 benefits that can come from decluttering: 

With so many gifts and purchases collected every year, it becomes a routine to push those things under the bed, in the basement, or shove them into junk closets.

Months after months we keep on piling up materialistic things in our houses in order to fill the available spaces and also to satisfy some of our materialistic desires. But, do you realize that collecting too many things and leaving it unorganized in our houses is in fact quite stressful and can have detrimental effects on our mental and physical health.

It is important that periodically we make sure that we clear up the mess around and remove the unwanted things from our life, simply known as decluttering. Regular decluttering has many benefits on our mental and physical health. Some of the benefits of organizing and decluttering include:

  1. Helps the mind: It helps us think clearly and confidently.
  2. Lift the spirit: It reduces anxiety and saves us from the panic of losing and misplacing thing.
  3. Reach health goals: The process of decluttering usually involves some physical activity, like cleaning your shelves to lifting heavy items.
  4. Boost Energy: Decluttering followed by organizing is also like a brainstorming exercise, which helps charge your brain and cognitive function. It enables us to think skillfully and channel our energy in making decisions about keeping, discarding and shifting stuff.
  5. Clear brain fog: Clutter and a lot of mess can make you feel confused and at times ashamed and embarrassed. Decluttering makes you feel satisfied and complete, thus helping you move smoothly to other important tasks.
  6. Feel more balanced: Decluttering usually lets us discard things that are not needed anymore, leading us to either donate them or give them up for recycling, thus making us feel contented, responsible and worth.  
  7. Lower risk of allergies: Keeps your home and desk area free from allergens and dust.

Decluttering makes us feel peaceful and abundant at the same time. So, when are you decluttering your wardrobe before this season?



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