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Do You Know What Is In Your Supplements?

Do You Know What Is In Your Supplements?

Do you really know what is inside your daily vitamins?

Many people incorrectly assume that the pill or capsule they are ingesting contains just the pure ingredient written on the side of the bottle.

Not so! The reality is not all vitamin supplements are made the same. Before putting anything in your body, make sure to research the purity of the product.

Some vitamins can be downright detrimental. Some contain additives and unnatural fillers that can be harmful to your health just like processed foods are. They can also block the absorption of nutrients.

When it comes to vitamins and supplements, choose a company like Rejuvenation Therapeutics that focuses on using the most natural ingredients available for the filler, the capsule and the packaging for each of their supplements.

Why Are Fillers Necessary?

Fillers are used to take up the extra space in a capsule which are manufactured in standardized sizes.

If the number of ingredients used to make the supplement is too large for a smaller sized-capsule, it is necessary to use a larger capsule. However, sometimes the ingredients are not enough to fill the volume of a bigger capsule, therefore, a filler is necessary so the capsule doesn’t look half-full.

Many commonly-used vitamin fillers like hydrogenated oils, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, and artificial colors can actually be toxic to your overall health.

Even rice-based fillers are not a good choice since the rice may contain arsenic. Due to pollution, the levels of toxic inorganic arsenic have been rising in the environment. Arsenic often drains into groundwater which is heavily polluted in certain rice-growing parts of the world. From groundwater, arsenic seeps into wells and other water sources that are used for rice crop irrigation. Unfortunately, rice absorbs the most arsenic from water and soil than any other food crop.

A better alternative is to take supplements that use organic potato starch as a filler. Potato starch is one of the best sources of resistant starch, a type of starch that is not digested and prevents blood glucose and insulin spikes. The body doesn’t get any significant calories from resistant starch, which also helps us to maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria in our intestines.

Gelatin vs Vegetarian Capsules

Have you ever wondered what soft gel capsules are made from? You should, especially if you are vegetarian or vegan.

Most soft gel capsules are made from gelatin, a widely used food additive. Gelatin comes from collagen which is extracted from slaughtered animals’ hooves, skin, and bones!

Look for products that use vegetarian capsules, which are made from forming cellulose, a plant-based substance. Another advantage to vegetarian capsules is they can be stored in heat and humidity for longer periods than gelatin capsules.

Be Aware: BPA is Everywhere!

Recent studies have shown that high-level exposure to BPA can impact our health in a variety of negative ways. Is your supplements bottle labeled BPA-free?

What exactly is BPA (bisphenol-A)?

BPA is an industrial chemical that is added to products to make stronger polycarbonate plastics. It is also used to make epoxy resins, which is used as a coating for the inside of canned foods to keep metal from corroding. BPA can also be found in many common household products like food containers, plastic bottles, and various packaging.

Just because it is common, doesn’t mean you can trust it. According to scientific research, BPA can interfere with endocrine function and imitate the body's hormones, affecting the production and function of natural hormones. This can lead to infertility, male impotence, and heart disease.

Given the potential risk of BPA, it’s always best to choose BPA free products and make sure your dietary supplement’s manufacturer uses BPA-free packaging only.

Labels are Educational

Without a doubt, it is good practice to always read the packaging, ingredient and nutrition label on any product, especially anything that you ingest into your body.

Labels provide key information about the product, helping you compare it to other options and make healthier choices. It’s especially important to read the labels on vitamin supplements since some are better than others in the crowded supplement marketplace.

As a rule, mass-produced vitamins by huge corporations tend to not use the best ingredients in order to be more cost-effective. Instead, opt for a company like Rejuvenation Therapeutics whose business philosophy reflects a genuine goal of improving people’s wellness.

Their commitment to health can also be seen in the high quality of their supplements which contain only the most natural ingredients, use organic potato starch as a filler, encased in vegetarian capsules and come in BPA free packaging.

Why Are Fillers Necessary?
Gelatin vs Vegetarian Capsules
Be Aware that BPA is Everywhere!
Labels are Educational



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