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Alpha Lipoic Acid (250 mg, 60 Vegan Capsules) - Antioxidant Defense, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free

Supports healthy inflammation response and arterial health



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Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a pile of antioxidants which scavenges free radicals, aids in repairing oxidative damage and also helps to regenerate endogenous antioxidants, like vitamins C and E and glutathione. Additionally, Alpha-Lipoic Acid is an essential component for aerobic metabolism (converting glucose into energy).1

Alpha-Lipoic Acid Benefits

  • Helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • Promotes healthy blood pressure levels already within the normal range
  • Protects against oxidative stress
  • Encourages healthy aging of skin

Health Concerns:
Energy Management | Heart Health |  Inflammation Management | Glucose Management

Product Details

Alpha-Lipoic Acid supports healthy blood sugar levels already within normal range
Antioxidant properties of Alpha-Lipoic Acid help balance the rate of sugar production in the liver, as well as support healthy insulin sensitivity. It also supports healthy blood vessel function, which promotes blood flow and helps maintain blood pressure already in the normal range, while also inhibiting inflammatory factors.2, 3

Alpha-Lipoic Acid promotes healthy blood pressure
Published research suggests that Alpha-Lipoic Acid interrupts mitochondrial production of reactive oxygen species, thus reduces oxidative stress, which supports healthy vascular function and promotes healthy blood pressure levels already within the normal range through a variety of mechanisms.4

Alpha-Lipoic Acid eases out oxidative stress
Supplementation with Alpha-Lipoic Acid not only substantially increases its concentration in serum, but also inhibits enzymatic reactions that degrade extracellular matrix. It also reduces the concentration and migration of inflammatory biomarkers, which improves clinical characteristics related to photoaging of facial skin, including skin roughness.5, 8, 9

Alpha-Lipoic Acid applies a protective effect as evidenced by decreasing oxidative stress and apoptotic markers produced by malfunctioning mitochondria.6 It also may help to reduce evolution, symptoms, and functional impairments of nerve compression in upper limbs.7

Despite its natural abundance, Alpha-Lipoic Acid is not readily absorbable from the diet. Therefore, supplementation is a helpful strategy to optimize absorption. To let the power of this versatile antioxidant flow through your body, Rejuvenation Therapeutics has brought to you ultra absorbable Alpha-Lipoic Acid capsules which contain pure alpha-lipoic acid yield from natural and organic sources. Alpha-Lipoic Acid provids a novel approach to promoting blood pressure health while helping to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Try it today!

Suggested Use: Take 1 capsule daily, or as directed by your qualified healthcare professional.

Warning: Consult a healthcare professional prior to use if you are pregnant or nursing, taking any medications, or have any medical conditions. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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