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Organic Orange Essential Oil (10 ml) - Refreshes Body & Mind

Versatile essential oil to enhance immunity, mood, and sleep



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Organic Orange Essential Oil is known for its mood support and stimulating properties. This versatile oil can also be used in skin-care blends, as digestive aid and more.

Organic Orange Essential Oil Benefits

  • Natural antibacterial and immunity enhancer2,3
  • Relieves inflammation and pain4,5
  • Promotes healthy blood pressure6
  • Relieves anxiety and acts as a mood booster7,8
  • Enhances healthy looking skin1-15

    Product Details

    Orange Essential Oil is a cold-pressed oil derived from orange rinds. It releases an aroma that is identical to freshly cut orange peels. It is composed of mostly (93%-97%) limonene — a monocyclic monoterpene; however, the amount may vary depending on regional and seasonal changes and extraction methods. Apart from inspiring lighthearted feelings, the sweet aroma of orange can provide numerous health benefits.1

    Antibacterial and immunity enhancer
    Orange Essential Oil is a powerful natural antimicrobial that can improve the safety of foods. Orange oil prevents the proliferation of E. coli and salmonella bacteria present in contaminated foods that can cause several health hazards that are related to your kidneys2 and gastrointestinal tract.2, 3

    The Limonene that’s present in Orange Essential Oil acts as a defense mechanism against oxidative stress that can negatively affect your immune system.4

    Relieves inflammation and pain
    Compared to other essential oils, orange oil has the strongest anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce infection and oxidative stress.5 6

    Additionally, orange oil aromatherapy can decrease inflammatory responses that cause swelling, thereby relieving muscle, bone, and joint pains.7

    Promotes healthy blood pressure
    Published research suggests that orange oil mixed with a carrier oil and applied to the abdominal area, or inhaled, improves blood flow.8, 9

    Relieves anxiety and acts as a mood booster
    The tranquilizing and anxiolytic properties of orange oil work as a fantastic antidepressant and naturally reduces anxiety. Diffused orange oil induces a physiological and psychological relaxation which alters mood, enhances motivation and clarity, and is also beneficial as a sleep aid.9- 12

    Enhances healthy looking skin
    Orange oil contains lots of vitamin C which promotes collagen production, improves skin appearance, and reduces wrinkles and dark spots. Orange oil effectively fights bacteria that can cause skin imperfections. It may also ease redness, pain, and swelling that can occur with skin infections.13-15

    Our Organic Orange Essential Oil is processed in accordance with the National Organic Program (NOP) standards and guidelines. It is 100% pure, therapeutic grade, undiluted, and contains no additives. It is readily absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, skin, and respiratory tract. In addition, every batch is inspected by a professional aromatherapist to ensure perfect aroma, color, and viscosity. So, you can add our Organic Orange Essential Oil to lotions or your favorite carrier oil at a 2%-5% dilution and let the magic flow through your mind and body!



    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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